Septic Tank Pumping

Sooner or later, your septic system will require being pumped out.  Nobody wants to talk about or think about it often, but it’s just one of the facts of life for any septic system owner.  It’s a filthy job and it can be very disgusting for someone who isn’t trained or prepared to do it correctly.  However, we at Albuquerque septic pumping service are far from unprepared or untrained – on the contrary, we’ve been cleaning septic systems as well as installing new ones since day 1 on the job.  To us, septic services are practically our second nature.  There’s not a single problem we aren’t ready – and able – to guide you through.  If you want expert assistance with your septic system, look no further than Albuquerque Septic Pumping Service.

Septic Tank Capacity

Before installing a new septic tank, a few things need to be ensured.  Number one, figure out where you want your drainage field to be located.  Number two, you need be certain that the slope from the house to the tank is steep enough – unless you are going with a pump-driven system that is.  Number three, finally you have to make sure the tank is large enough to handle the waste production of the household or business it will serve.  There are calculators that can give you an estimate of the size of thank you need based on the number of people in the household, and how active they are on a monthly basis.

Pumping out sewage

You’re probably thinking that pumping sewage out of a septic tank is a pretty gross and dirty job – and for companies without the proper equipment, it definitely is.  But we at Albuquerque Septic Pumping Services are equipped with professional-grade equipment and tools.  We also make sure our technicians are professionally trained to ensure efficiency and proper job performance.  Our vacuum trucks will have your septic system pumped out in almost no time at all, and we won’t leave a mess behind in the process.  We have learned from experience how to avoid making a huge mess and we’re getting better every day.

How to know when your septic tank is full

It can be almost impossible to know from site alone if your tank is nearing its capacity, since it’s buried undergound.  Again, there are calculators to help you come up with a pretty good estimate of when you should have your tank pumped, but the safer bet is to make sure it gets pumped before it gets full.  Getting your septic system pumped before it becomes a requirement is actually the smartest way to do it.  Being caution-minded will save you from what could turn into a huge cleanup effort, and will prevent overflowing due to being filled.

Things to do after pumping

It’s a good and opportune time to have your tank inspected at the same time you having it pumped.  When the tank is empty, it’s the easiest time to locate any issues and look for structural damage or other problems  At Albuquerque Septic Pumping Service, we make this out standard operating procedure, and our septic technicians will make sure to bring this up to you after they have pumped your tank, to make sure you get the most our of your hard-earned money.

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