Septic System Installation

Service(s) Needed

Septic systems are built to last a long time using concrete and rebar, but that doesn’t mean they’re impervious to problems.  Everything wears away sooner or later, and if the system was not installed correctly, you might see problems sooner rather than later.  Nobody wants to hear the words “septic tank repair” … except for us!  We specialize in tackling the most challenging and complex septic system problems with our scientific troubleshooting methods, our septic system technicians will have your system working optimally in no time flat.

Clogs and backflow problems

The most common clogging problem in a properly designed and installed septic system is caused by roots working their way into the piping. Other common clogging issues are caused by poor maintenance of the septic system and drainage field(s), leading to backflows.  Regularly scheduled maintenance performed by Albuquerque Septic Pumping Services can help you to avoid problems like the ones mentioned above.  We can clear the organic matter blocking the drain lines of your system so you don’t end up with waste water or solids backing up into your home.

Cracks and foundation issues

While the tank is empty after being pumped, it’s a great time to have us perform a visual inspection to check for cracking, chipping or other issues with the tank’s structural integrity. You don’t want to have to climb in that filthy tank to do this nasty job, and we don’t blame you.  We will perform a detailed inspection to make sure there aren’t any major or minor problems with your tank.  It’s definitely to your advantage to address any small cracking or crumbling problems before they become larger ones later on.

Drainage and grading troubles

Gravity-fed septic systems are the most common and the most popular because of the simplicity of how they work and the easier maintenance involved in comparison to a pump driven system.  However, this type of system relies on proper grading to move waste products out of your home and into the septic tank.  If pipes aren’t installed correctly, you could experience slow drainage and backflows even to the point of waste material coming back into the house.  There really isn’t anything quite as unpleasant as raw sewage in your home – trust us, we speak from experience. 

Reliable repair technicians

In order to give ourselves an advantage over other septic service companies in the Bernalillo county area, we only hire trained septic system installation, service and repair technicians to work for us.  We strongly believe that the work we do is a unique and necessary service that the Albuquerque community relies on every day.  Our technicians will make sure the job gets done and done right, every time, even when unforeseen issues arise on the job.